CK Marketplace


At the Clover Key we believe in true made to order food, we appreciate your patience as we prepare your menu choice at the time you ask for it… everyone deserves a real Homemade meal…

Come give us a try….

Getting the Day Started

Country Scrambler – Get your Morning Started in a Big Way with Egg, Sausage, Diced Potato, Sautéed Onion and Peppers together with cheese and topped with Scallions – $6.25

Breakfast Sandwich your way – You can’t beat a Fresh made Sandwich for Breakfast Featuring Egg and Cheese with your choice of Bacon, Sausage or Ham on Grilled Toast or Bun  – $4.00

Two Egg Breakfast – Always Popular to have 2 Eggs your way with Bacon, Sausage or Ham served with Toast – $6.00

The Omelet – Fill this one up the way you want with your choice of one protein and your choice of Veggies and Cheese… you order it we flip it – $7.50… Add a Protein for $1.00 Each

Add a Hash Brown to any for $1.00

Donald’s Donuts – yep we have them here $1.00 to $2.50

Fresh Brewed Coffee – $1.50

Oatmeal with Fruit – $2.50

The Menu

Steak Burger – Local Cuts of Ground Steak, Flame Grilled your way and Served on a Toasted Bun with House Seasonings… We don’t like to brag but…  – $6.00 add Cheese – $.50 deluxe – $1.00 – Bacon  – $1.00 – Additional Patty $3.00

Shaved Roast Beef Sandwich – Grilled thin Sliced Roast Beef piled high and fresh from our Deli topped with your choice of Cheese and Horseradish Mayo on a Toasted Bun – $6.00

Hot Ham and Cheese – A Local Favorite Served on Grilled Toast or Bun with Romaine –  $5.00

CK Patty Melt – A Different Way to Enjoy a Steak Burger…All Beef Patty with Grilled Onions, Swiss Cheese and topped with a House made tangy sauce served on Grilled Bread – $6.50

Quesadilla – Enjoy a crispy Quesadilla with Bacon and Fresh Grilled Chicken with a Three Cheese Blend –  $7.00 Add Sour Cream  – $.50 and Salsa – $.50

Pulled Pork Sandwich – An American Favorite…Tender BBQ Pork on Toasted Bun Simple and full of Flavor – $5.99

BLT – Bacon with Fresh Romaine Lettuce and Tomato with Mayo on Grilled Toast for a great Go To – $5.00

Clover Club – Two Layers of Bacon,Turkey and Ham with Fresh Romaine Lettuce and Tomato with Mayo on Grilled Toast… Simple and Good – $7.99

Grilled Chicken Salad – On the Lighter Side…Romaine Blend with Tomato, Croutons, a Motz and Provolone Cheese Blend and Fresh Grilled Chicken – $7.00

Chef Salad – Romaine Blend with Tomato, Croutons, a Motz and Provolone Cheese Blend and Fresh Sliced Ham, Salami and Pepperoni from our Deli served with Black Olives and Banana Peppers – $7.50

Subs made Fresh and Served on a Grilled 8 Inch Roll

Grilled Italian – Salami, Pepperoni and Ham grilled with Provolone Cheese and Banana Peppers, Black Olives, Red Onions, Romaine and Tomato and a hit of Italian Dressing on Grilled 8 Inch Roll  – $7.99

Philly – The Philly made in classic fashion with Flavorful Sirloin grilled with Green Peppers, Red Onions and Mushrooms topped with Provolone Cheese and Mayo served on Grilled 8 Inch Roll – $8.99

From the Water

Shrimp Basket – Fries with a Generous Helping of Tail On Shrimp – $8.99

Lakeside Platter – Quickly Turning into a Favorite…3 Pieces of Breaded Alaskan Pollock with 4 Butterfly Shrimp and Fries – $11.99

Grilled Lakeside Platter – Tilapia Filet Grilled, with 8 pieces of Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Blend seasoned to perfection – $11.99

The Fish Sandwich – 2 Pieces of Breaded Alaskan Pollock on a Toasted Bun – $6.25

Fish and Chips – 3 Pieces of Breaded Alaskan Pollock with Fries – $8.99

On the Side

Fries – $2.00 or get Loaded with Bacon, Cheese and Green Onion – $3.50

Tator Tots – $ 2.00 or get Loaded with Bacon, Cheese and Green Onion – $3.50

Coleslaw – $2.25

Mac and Cheese – $2.25

Side Salad – $3.00

Soup of the Day – Cup $2.50 – Bowl $4.00 – Toppings extra


Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Cake Cone, Sugar Cone or Bowl

Mint Chocolate Chip

Moose Tracks

Raspberry Truffle Frozen Yogurt

Original Vanilla

Rainbow Sherbet

Dutch Chocolate

Southern Butter Pecan

Fresh Strawberry

Single Dip – $3.50

Double Dip – $ 4.40

Triple Dip – $ 5.25

Add Hot Fudge or Caramel and make it a Sunday  for $.50


Fountain Drinks and 20oz Bottles– Pepsi Products

20 oz – $1.99

Mountain Dew


Diet Pepsi

Orange Crush

Root Beer

Dr. Pepper

Fruit Punch Gatorade

Twist Mist

In the mood for something you don't see, Ask! We've made many custom Dishes on the Fly!


Made Fresh Daily at the Clover Key